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16 May 2010 @ 04:12 pm
Not Far Enough - Jack/Zack  

Figured since I'm new to the community and such, I'd come in with a bang. Here's a bit of newly-revised JackZack for you all, Hodgins-centric.

- Not Far Enough
Pairing - JackZack (Bones)
Rating - PG-13
Word Count - 6,311
Summary - Zack's out of the loony bin. Hodgins is in Montana. But he's soon to find out that he can never be far enough away.
Disclaimer - These oblivious guys don't belong to me and never will. Probably for the best. I'd rather not have Bones turning into Brokeback Mountain.
Spoilers -  up to 3.15, "Pain in the Heart" takes place some time after the Gormogon arc. doesn't follow the current storyline, so i suppose it's AU
Author's Note - This has been sitting in my notebook for a good few months, and I've just finally got it beta-d and up. I really loved getting into Hodgins head in this thing. Maybe I'll have to do it more often.

Not Far Enough